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source: visits:time:2018-01-09 11:10:30

national key scientific research project - a double-sided circuit board without electroplating and chemical plating can realize two sides of the conduction has successfully developed a new technology, it marks the pcb development and production and technology of china into the world leading level.

for project research and development of huizhou both electronic co., ltd., since 2007 began the project research and development, through the investment of a large number of scientific research funds, with the beijing university of science and technology, institute of chemistry, chinese academy of sciences, beijing national key scientific research units, such as cooperation, using the relevant scientific research units and their own talent advantage, to obtain a breakthrough of the project. the project has submitted several national patent applications and international patent applications.

successful development of this project, will fill the blank of the pcb plating alternative process of the world, and greatly reduce production cost, cause the cost of electronic circuit board industry technology revolution and the revolution, bring more market prospects in electronics industry. the project will also make a significant contribution to the country's energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and reduce the harmful effects of heavy metal wastewater discharge on the environment.

recently, with the annual output of 500000 square meters of the technology double-sided flexible circuit board pilot incubation base has been completed and put into operation, the product has been put on the market, and get the extensive favorable comment of customer, the incubator can achieve output of 200 million yuan. the company is planning to build a $1 billion flexible circuit board business with the new technology.