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source: visits:time:2018-01-09 11:12:05

huizhou guozhan electronic fifth anniversary and the patent product industrialization and fpc business division establishment ceremony, [pcb information network] invited exclusive interview with the general manager mr. wang dingfeng.

first of all, i would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to you on the pcb information network. thank you for inviting us to make an exclusive interview with your company for this celebration.

a, according to our understanding of your company, your company in the field of flexible circuit board a start is not early, after this few years of development, the achievements and the development of the enterprise now scale is beyond the flexible circuit board companies than the expensive department started early, mr.wong for enterprise planning and management, please how ideas and unique?

a: the height of the business owner, it is important to prospective, chinese entrepreneurs, especially the pearl river delta of entrepreneurs, most people are rushing to follow suit, see what people do good to make money on the bandwagon, lead to overcapacity. the national exhibition has been ahead of others since the start of the business:

1. follow the development of sunrise industry. it is in chaoyang industry, chaoyang product just came into being, and with the rapid growth of the sunrise industry, the rapid growth.

2. strengthen and increase r&d investment. development way ahead, even at the time of customers also have never thought will first think of, so just have big innovation, and research and development throughout the upstream and downstream industries, to do not only consider the pcb, and then do a few small changes, we can cancel the double plating, etching cancelled led circuit board, which is a typical case.

3. efficiency and execution are very important. the rapid growth of entrepreneurial enterprises is based on efficiency, which is to be implemented immediately.

second, about the expensive department double-sided circuit board without electroplating and chemical plating can realize two conduction of new technology in the field of the whole pcb caused great sensation, entered the world leading level, and by the chinese news channel in the professional, you are our many private enterprise managers a good representative of your company so outstanding achievements, excuse me mr.wong for company's future development and objectives and how to plan?

a: our research and development has always been around the idea of saving resources, reducing costs, reducing pollution processes and making the production process more environmentally friendly. the company has so far applied for more than 50 patents around this idea! this is not only in line with my personal concept as an environmental volunteer, but also in line with the global trend!

for the future plan, the short-term plan is that we have invested in a fccl material factory. the total production capacity is 600,000 m2 of the covered membrane, and the two lines will reach 4 lines in march next year. the old factory has upgraded capacity to a capacity of 100,000 m2 / month (which should be the largest domestic production company), and plans to rush to this production in the peak season after the spring festival. in addition, both in china to invest in a plating, etching the clean production of fpc enterprise, produce 50000 m2 (the sum is a single), which is the world's first to achieve mass production of the clean production of pcb enterprises, plans to begin production after january next year.

in the medium and long term, due to the national exhibition, we will always follow the path of scientific and technological development and follow the path of energy conservation and emission reduction. technological progress to reduce the cost, the vertical integration to reduce costs, have strong cost competitiveness and strong production capacity and capital operation ability, keep up with the led industry has pricing power in this market segment and develop powerful advantage to industry standards, with the rapid development of modern industry and absolute advantage, our goal is to achieve global production over the next five years the first big fpc enterprises.

forward, we must be in the led industry to promote cleaner production circuit board, all of them, and promote the industry for 10 years with 80% full of cleaner production, the products will naturally split hundreds of millions of square meters of the circuit board, is not, of course, i a person's energy, a both energy can realize, needs the whole society, on the middle and lower reaches of the industry to support this great project, also need the government's strong support, of course need your media publicity to promote more. of course, don't publicize people. to publicize this environmental concept, promoting environmental awareness is more important than publicizing people.

third, after the financial crisis in 2008, the pcb industry began to have a clear recovery from the second half of last year. this year, the whole industry has experienced rapid development. how do you see this trend?

a: the whole year of this year is the first of the year, the most abnormal of the year, the first half of the fire, the second half of the year is surprisingly soft, this is the phenomenon i have not seen in the last 20 years. main reason is that industry expected out of the question, even the big companies on the plan out of the question, this year is estimated is too high, such as samsung led tv support both do business, samsung expectations too high, lead to do during the first half of the surplus backlog, to digest inventory, this one or two months to atrophy is very severe.

the production capacity of your company is now worth 200 million yuan. your continuous expansion of the factory, plus the new patent technology, aims to develop the enterprise into a flexible pcb enterprise with annual output of 1 billion yuan. do you have a plan to go public? are you preparing for the listing of your company? what do you think of the preparation for the listing of some of our industry's board companies?

a: our company has increase capacity to both old big over here is 300 million yuan/year, the macro material company next year plans to 100 million yuan, huiyang company adopt the clean production plan of 100 million yuan, the group target is $500 million next year. why such a high goal, mainly technological innovation and vertical integration of the strong competitive advantages, and of course led industry high-speed development.

we must go the way of the capital market so that we can achieve the grand goal that i told you before. it is very difficult for me to see the pcb listing in china. because of the problem of polluting industries, as i said in my report, no green hat, no red hat, this is the national condition! if there are no characteristic of pcb enterprise is very difficult, but we are all over the world have distinct characteristics of enterprises, and we are taking clean production line, i believe that there is a chance, we are ready. plan for 2012.

finally, i would like to thank wang for sharing so much experience and experience with us. i wish the national exhibition electronics to be more and more brilliant under the leadership of wang and your team!